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Common Interview Questions

This is the most common question in interviews. Prepare a brief paragraph in your mind, but be careful that it does not sound practiced. Keep it concise and to the point. Speak about your existing profile and try to relate to the profile you are interviewing for. Start describing your profile with the ascending order of your past jobs.

Irrespective of your previous company’s experience, DO NOT mentions any issues with the management and never speak negative about your supervisors, colleagues, or the organization. SMILE and talk about a positive reason for leaving such as a better opportunity, gain of knowledge or other optimistic reasons.

Do thorough research on the websites like Glassdoor to get a general salary range that is offered for the position you are interviewing for. Also check the standard salary hike that is usually given in your industry. Keep all these things in mind before stating your salary expectations. Mention exact figure and not a range.

Show that you have given much thought to this question. This is the best chance to emphasize your strengths as they speak about the position being discussed. Give a forward thinking to this association.

In brief, highlight how your assets (knowledge / ethics / steadiness / decision making) could meet with the organizations requirements. Do not compare yourself with any other candidates.

Don’t be very particular, about the number of years you are planning to work. Say: I am looking for long term relationship which will help us in mutual growth. Or as long as we together feel that I am doing an excellent job.

Research on the organization is required before the interview. Check the history of the company, the issues they face, the services and products they offer and their important clients

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